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What are the hours of we work?
We're generally available 24/7 to answer your call, and generally available at all times to help with a bee or wasp emergency.

What if I'm outside your service area?
We are friends with many others in the bee removal business and probably know someone that can help you in your area.

How long do bees live?
During the active season, the lifetime of a worker is five to six weeks. Overwintering worker bees may, however, live for four to six months.

How long do paperwasps live?
The lifecycle of a wasp depends on the species, but in general a worker wasps life can last from 12-22 days, while a queen can live up to a year. There are many different types of wasps in North America, paper wasps and yellowjackets being the two most common.

Where do you bring the bees?
The bees we capture we give to a local beekeeper who eventually brings them to the almond farms in CA to help with pollination.